How Many Blogs Does It Take…

How many blogs does it take to get to the center of what the actual fuck your point is for writing a blog anyways?

As of today’s date, I’m just your garden variety blogger, albeit with a decorated history of repeat abandonment everywhere from Blogspot to Tumblr and even here in WordPress. Hell, I tried keeping a blog transcribing my grandma’s diary from the 1930s–two sentences a day, that–and fell off of the cyber map. What I’m getting at here is that I don’t pretend to remotely understand what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. That’s sort of a lie… but not really. Some people be making money off their blogs and…that interests me. Then again, people make money from peeling oranges and putting them in plastic. That also interests me. Making money interests me.

But let’s face it, peeling oranges and wrapping them in plastic? My cuticles would never survive.

So here I be, plainly and shamelessly pursuing a lofty goal that one day I’ll maybe have my shit together enough to have a point to all of this, and maybe make enough from it to continue Friday night pizza & sake Skype parties.

But probably not.

What you can expect from this blog (and don’t get it twisted, I know I’m writing for a sole audience of myself right now):

  • Poetry
  • Memoir-style Creative Nonfiction
  • Open Mic/Type Comedy Attempts
  • Brazen Bullshittery
  • Freewrite Fiction
  • Entertainment Reviews

What you will NEVER see here:

  • Political Anything
  • Beauty Product Talk
  • Superficial Absurdity
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Advocacy of, um, Anything?

Hope that covers it all. I’m just here to talk smack and get better at it really. And I know it’s not important. I don’t have an agenda, nor do I have any conviction to infect anybody with opinions. My goal is to have fun, and if you dig it then let’s get down to business about these pizza toppings…




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