“The Space to Write” Assignment

When I had a laptop, I was a writing fiend. Mostly, I wrote poetry, typically 3-6 poems worth a day. When my laptop started going through the ringer (condolences to anyone who has suffered through Dell products) I took up additionally keeping a physical journal of poetry–a clever, sleek little thing embossed with the word “ideas” on the front that remains on the shelves at Staples to this day, ten years later. So edgy, that.

Well anyways, my theory is that college killed my creative writing. What did I get good at in college? Being a good student. Catering to professors and formatting. I can research and write the hell out of an essay. But my poetry spark was stomped out.

Or another theory, the finite death of my laptop led to the constriction of my inspiration for writing. Let me explain:  With my laptop, it was a lightweight device that I could take to any locale or set up in a cozy nook at home and feel both comfort and awareness. And since I have had my desktop, this singular workspace has me feeling a bit rebellious to the idea of being stuck in front of it for so long.

Whatever the case, it is a bizarre matter than I look forward to overcoming in your company.

My ideal writing space is not one specified location, but to again have that freedom to move about with a more mobile device, so that at any moment I feel a surge of words I can whip it out and get to work! Not to freak you out with the language or anything…but yes!

These days I have been leaning more towards songwriting, and it has been very helpful to have a smartphone so that not only can I write down lyrics, but instead of that I can open Voice Recorder and get the whole melody in. Sometimes it is words that I play with to create a melody, and sometimes it is the melody that leads and I fill in with words. I love songwriting and I hope that my talents in that field can be put to good use in the course of my life. My hangup for ages has been my lack of giving a shit about the business end of things. I know, it’s necessary, but I think any artist will find that it’s only second nature to be repelled by anything so lacking in spirit and reliant on structure.



One thought on ““The Space to Write” Assignment”

  1. Buy a half dozen notebooks, and as many pencils or pens. Go! lol
    I’m visiting the neighbors, and came across your blog in Reader. I’ve been away from my blog for about nine months. I hope when I hit Follow your posts come straight to my email – scrolling through Reader isn’t a habit I ever got into. Anyway, nice to find your blog.


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