Day Thirteen: Word Count (<300

It bugs me to constantly be looking at a screen. Sometimes I feel like I’m living on autopilot–passively amused by busy nothings that slow me down from doing the next big thing and making my life better. Sucking out my ingenuity and clouding my thoughts with senseless pop culture static.

I can’t really see it as productive to flesh out the disappointment of that or dissect the reasoning behind it within this post, so I’ll leave it be. What I can do, however, is brainstorm how I intend to counteract it:

–Stop using the internet as a means of news and entertainment. It should be viewed as a tool for the progression of my goals, not as a fallback for idle hours.

–Put a cap on the amount of time I spend on my phone per day.

–Make a schedule of to-do items before using the computer, so that I may stay on point with my tasks instead of constantly forgetting what I was meant to do.

–Make an obligatory creative contribution to my blog a career investment/research for every time I use the computer.

I believe that these steps will help me to maintain a positive and efficient use of my time with electronics, and will allow me the free time and space I need away from them to nurture my creativity and journey for knowledge.


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