Day 17: A Map As Your Muse

Ah, Chile.

I once watched an episode of House Hunter International, where an ex-Pat Financial Consultant decided to move from a fifteen year stint in China, to the rugged and beautiful landscape of Chile’s lake district, without ever having set foot in the country prior. One word: Badass. Not only was every view on the entire episode some of the most stunning panorama I’ve ever seen…but she bought a custom built one bedroom cabin, and after all expenses (furnishings, appliances etc) only spent $36k.


Basically, I need to see about what’s going on in Chile! I’ve also been told it is one of the three places in the world where you can view the night sky without light pollution and other interferences. That would be a marvel, to for once be able to see star clouds and different colors of the galaxy beyond white stars and planets.

One day, when I finally see the surface again and climb out of the deep well of debt….one day, Chile.


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