Marriage So Far

11,280 hours. 470 days.

One year, four months.

That’s how long you lied to me. 

Every moment that went by, you were lying to me. 

Every time you let me kiss you, hold you, love you…you were keeping me a prisoner of your lies.

How can you even know what the truth is after building up such a fortified fortress of lies and deceit?

You built us a four bed, five bath, two car garage house of lies and got so cozy watching me hop in and out, make dinners, sleep by your side and ask you which shoes looked best, unaware that we were surrounded by a structure built entirely on fabrications, ready to collapse at any given moment. 

It was bound to happen. And it did. And now, here we stand, in a dust bowl of the remnants of your lies. 

Everything is gone…like nothing ever even existed. 


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